HUSK follows Zylix Cuevas who finds himself trapped in his cousin's gang and in dire need of an escape when all other options run out.

When his negligence during a firefight costs him his life, he wakes to find himself host to Xolotl, a Mexica god of death, who is on the run from an even bigger threat. Coming back from the dead is complicated enough, nevermind that Zylix soon discovers his ex-alterous partner has the gall to show his face in town again, too.

The veil between the world of the living and the realm of the dead is torn open when Zylix and Xolotl must work together to avoid being hunted by a far more powerful deity - and their best chance at saving both their worlds lie in wielding a power that may just destroy them both.

Steeped in Mexica mythology and featuring asexual leads, HUSK is a queer, supernatural webcomic where gods, gangs and gays collide, exes have the worst timing, and even death fears the end. Created, written and illustrated by Aleasha Acevedo.

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