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About Ali

From the time Ali could pick up a pencil, art has made up the core of their life. It doesn't get any more committed than dressing up as a crayon, folks.

(Yes, they picked that one out themself, in case you were wondering.)


After graduating college with a Bachelor's in video game design, Ali began working in product design at Jakks Pacific Inc. in 2013 where they handled the design and project management of Disney brands including Fairies, Sofia the First, Mainline and Marvel Tsum Tsum and Disney Princess.

In 2015, they transitioned to their current position as a Senior Visual Development Designer at Jakks Pacific Inc., and wore many hats in digital content development,

including character and prop design, environment layout, and storyboarding.

Now their work includes designing graphics and sculpted pieces for tabletop games, while also designing for toys ranging from action figures, to feature interactive, and collectibles.

In their free time, they are busy creating their graphic novel, HUSK, and looking after three adorable cats.

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